Programs & Guided Tours

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Plant native trees in reusable containers, such as coffee capsules. These seedlings will remain under the care of children and their teachers until they have grown four leaves. Then, they will be brought to the Teleférico Complex. There, our company's staff will transplant them into reusable milk and yogurt containers to preserve them until the conditions are right to plant them in the chosen area for restoring the green spaces of the Cable Car. The trees can then be 'exchanged' for free passes, allowing the children to visit our facility.
Bird Listening and Watching
Learn about their different songs, physical and morphological characteristics: beaks, legs, feathers, diet, etc.
Interpretive Trail
Learn about the Chaco Forest, the Geography, and Paleontology of our summit.
Snakes at the Summit
Study their physical and morphological characteristics: locomotion, scales, diet, curiosities. Learn about different types of snakes, how to identify them, and what to do if you encounter them.
Waste Separation
Get informed about differentiated separation and circular economies.
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